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I borrowed this picture from Charlie Garcia since I didn't get one like this, Thanks, Charlie.  

Sat AM setup
Droids coming out of the garage
Setting up - That's my B9!
More setup-Jerry
Nice Rubber legs
One of Jerry's
Another view
Jerry's B9 & the melted torso!
Another view
Batmobile vist
The garage loaded for storage
Nice CSS & full size mouse droid
R5 dwarfed by B9s
Jerry's chest button mounting panel
Guess Who?
Bob R, R2, Wayne Orr & Charlie G.
260lbs of droid!
Everything is wired.
Wish B9 had a door on the back.
Everything works on Wayne's R2
Periscope too
He's alive!
Jerry's B9
Bowing forward
and Back up
Wandering all over the place
It had to happen sooner or later
Okay, enough!
Phil Hamilton's J2 Console
Notice the B205 on top
Will Robinson showed up too
Just like the original inside, even better
Machine shop trip
Machine shop 2
Machine shop 3
Machine shop 4
Machine shop 5
Machine shop 6
Machine shop 7
Machine shop 8
Machine shop 9
Machine shop 10
I want one of these!
Wayne installing new wheels
Touring the alley
Touring the alley 2
Touring the alley 3
Touring the alley 4
That's Kip in the green shirt, Jerry's wife
Touring the alley 7
Touring the alley 8
Touring the alley 9
Loading up
Securing down