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B9 Arm Mechanism Development

I started this some time back and have been off and on working on an arm mechanism design which will give a large range of movement.  Below are a few sketches and pictures of what I have done so far.  This project is far from done, as I am working on other sections of the robot at this time.  


One of the biggest challenges is to make the whole mechanism extend and retract.  Making the arm move in different directions is the easy part.

Go Figure?

This is a first test setup to look at movement possible.  It uses a small diameter drain cleanout spring in the center.  If you pull any of the 4 cables, the arm mech will bend in that direction.  

This one uses a larger garage door spring and heavier cables.  Remember this is just a test rig to experiment with movements that are attainable with this type of setup.  There are a lot of issues in making this into a practical arm for B9 that is fully motorized.  

Retracting the top cable shortens the length and pulls the arm upward.

Retracting the right hand cable causes the arm to move to the right.  Likewise for left and down movements.

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Stay tuned - More to come