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Site Revisions

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06-26-11 Added picture of belly light wiring on torso page.
                 Added info on LED bulb repacement for chest switches and test lightup pics.
                 Added wiring pics of chest buttons and control relays, Chest button page.
                 Added Neon Backplate installation to Neon page.

05-30-11 Added Torso Hook installation to torso page.

05-23-11 Added installation of chest buttons & pictures to Chest Buttons page.

01-16-11 Added more sanding/polishing pics to the Wrists & Claw page

01-09-11 Added pics to the Wrists & Claw page of claw polishing, more claw lighting and painted wrists.

10-05-10 Added Steel Brain Assembly page.  

09-12-10 Updated links on B9 Builder's & Info Sites page.

06-03-09 Added video of tire treads in action.

05-24-09  Added new page: Making Treads From Steel Belted Radial Tires

04-25-09 Added RoboCon pics page.

08-10-08 Minor revisions to Misc. Parts page.
                 Minor text revisions/additions to Knees & Hinges page and others throughout.

08-04-08 Added Will Waters' B9-Robot Website.

06-06-08 Added more to Final Leg Assembly page.
                 Added Leg & Hip Assembly page.
                 Added Leg-Hip Action page.

05-26-08 Added 2008 TX BUILD-OFF PIC/SLIDE SHOWS - PAGE 1 & PAGE 2

04-18-08  Removed links to C&H Surplus, they're out of business.  Had great priced motors.

04-13-08 Various minor revisions and additions throughout.
                  Home Page
                  Final Assembly  

03-29-08 Added more construction to Final Assembly page.  

03-25-08 Added Donald G's site "A Slightly Different B9 Robot"
                 (Don't know how I missed getting it on here before now)

01-28-08 Updated Knees page with more new rubber knees pics and info.
                 Updated Legs page with rubber legs.
                 Updated Donut & Waistplate page with new waistplate.
                 Added new page Final Assembly.

01-22-08  Updated links to various parts drawing reference material.

01-17-08  Added pics of final assembly of treadsection drives.
                 Revised knee assembly to accomodate new rubber knees.
                 Added new page on construction of lighted chest button assembly.
                 Added Jerry Chevalier's B9 build blog.

07-07-07  Dewert Motors available through Surplus Center (limited quantity).
                  Other misc. revisions here and there.

04-08-07  Dewert Motors no longer available from Dewert.

06-20-06  Added new info and pics of variations in vents for different torsos.

04-09-06  Added Hankscraft motor modification to pass wires through to the brain.
                  Added section on Robot Mechanical Switching sounds with rotary step switches.

03-24-06 Added arm pics with internal support rings-1st season look on arms page.
                 Also pics of rings and arms on torso with rings installed.

03-20-06 Added supplier's links for the robot Knob.

03-19-06 Added pic of painted radar and ear posts.

03-18-06 Added Comparison pics of various Arm types.

02-26-06 Added Making Sensor Holders to Making Sensors page.
                 Added Drive shaft construction to Motorizing Ears page.

02-19-06 Added Making Light Rods.  
                 Added Installing bushings to Making Ear Posts.

02-17-06 Added Interior pic of chest light sockets.

02-12-06 Added new Mini-gear motors to Motorizing Sensors page.
                 Added Making Ear Posts to Motorizing Sensors page.
                 Added content to the Making Sensors page.

02-10-06 Added new page with Parts Drawing Links

01-01-06 Added new source for L-Pad potentiometer

10-24-05  Added Darrell Toland's B9 page.  He is motorizing treadsections too.  

10-22-05  Added Scott M's SciFiSam B9 site-checkout his non welded aluminum treadsections

09-04-05  Added Page with Videos of Barry Fritz's Motorized B9 Robot Treadsection.

07-26-05  Updated B9 Builder's & Info Sites and related links pages.
                  Br sure to check out New addition Lew's Cheap B9

06-18-05  Enlarged font size on header on content pages.

05-05       Added Leg Zipper cutting jig to leg page

03-02-05 Updated Robot Information Page by Mike Davis

02-26-05 Added more info and parts sources to Mic & Knob page

02-09-05 Added PDF file of vent drawings

12-08-04 Revised price of #258 bulbs
                 added note on surplus transformers

12-02-04 added new 12VDC crown motor to misc parts page.

11-25-04 added Arms page.
                 added Power Pack page.
                 added Motorizing Ears page.
                 added Making Sensors & Holders page (no content yet).
                 added Brain Assembly page (No Content yet)
                 added Pics of another old defunked robot project.
                 added better pic of bubble lifter boot.

11-21-04 added Making Torso Microphone & Installing Knob page.

08-22-04 added surplus source to get the crown motor.

08-02-04 added PDF file of Collar 108 rib layout.

04-03-04 added Movie clip of my first Treadsection Drive setup

03-27-04 added Richie's Fan Memory Robot Replica site.
                 added Brain Light socket info.
                 updated other Builder's Info Sites links.

03-07-04 added pics of foam legs with age.
                 added Building the Bubble Headed Booby by Tim B. to Builder's Sites page.

01-20-04 added another old Electro III robot picture recently found

11-15-03 added pics of wooden donut

09-07-03 added pics of 12" starter gear for torso rotation mech.
                 added info on wheelchair motor sources.
                 added B9 Arm Mechanism Development page.

07-25-03 added notes on new treads & misc text revisions.
                 added larger pic of my B9 progress stackup

07-23-03 added pics of cutting keyway for drive hub to fit motor.
                 added pics of new treads
                 added club member's names throughout site on parts they provided.

07-13-03 added robot claw lightning

07-07-03 added details of Locking the hubs to drive wheels

07-06-03 added info on Officially licensed club
                 revised B9 Builder's page , added/corrected links, eliminated dead links

07-05-03 added more details of Making Drive Wheel Hubs

07-02-03 added inexpensive flashing light bulb notes and source
                 added non-flashing bulb notes
                 added link to Steven Joseph's site link

06-19-03 Moved Drive Upgrade to separate page
                 added Non-B9 Projects

03-16-03 Revised The Upgrade intro, Added Making hubs and New Drive Motors

03-08-03 Added first pictures of New drive sprocket construction

03-08-03 Updated The Magnetic Lock link

02-19-03 Updated contact info and club info

12-14-02 added this page - Site Revisions
                 added crown motor to Misc. Parts page

12-9-02 added bandsaw circle cutting on Building Reference Info page

12-6-02 added Building Reference Info page & other misc updates

11-30-02 added parts drawing to Misc. Parts page
                 added more parts pictures to Misc. Parts page
                 added more info to Tread Making page
                 added latest pics of Legs
                 added Waistplate mounting pics
                 added Knees & Kneeplate assembly to treadsections
                 added radar textured and painted pic

11-2-02 added B9Helpers

10-15-02 added drilling ear posts to Radar page

10-2-02 added revised tread cementing info and V belt drive pics

10-1-02 fixed David Knight robot Videos link

9-29-02 added page - Drive & Tread installation
9-28-02 added page - Drive Parts
9-27-02 revised  Misc Parts
9-26-02 added steel axles, bushings & pins to Treadsections
9-26-02 added drilling out ears to Radar
6-29-02 added test fit knee hinge pics - Knees & Hinges
6-24-02 added motor shaft extensions - Motor shaft Extensions
6-16-02 added gearmotor ordering info/revised page - Misc Parts

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