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 B9 Builder's & Info Sites
Here are many sites of B9 related builders, many of great info sources
on building and duplicating the look of the original LIS robot.

 A Slightly Different B9 Robot
Donald G's project using slick mechanical works for motorized treadsection and pneumatics for claws and bubble lifter. Also a lot of scratch building ideas on components that are "slightly different" can save some $ here and there. Checkout his leg construction a variation with excellent results.  

Mike Joyce's - B9 Robot Club Scrapbook
Mike's building journal by date and topic referenced. Lots of building and assembly ideas.

Bill K.- Info Page
Info on parts he produces.  Be sure to click on his "cool info about the B9" link to another page.
Interesting details and original photos of the robot.

Brad Edmonds' B9
Another torso building method.

 Building The Bubble Headed Booby by Tim B.
Tim has built a lot from scratch and has documented it nicely.  
You can make your own treads and wheels and axles, he will attest to that.
Don't miss his site.

Daniel Livingston B9 Home Page
You can't say enough about Dan's unique documentation of his building.  
Along with fun reading, he shows you many of the mechanical and electrical things he is doing too.

 Darrell Toland's B9 Page
An electronic and mechanical B9 with motorized treadsections. Watch his progress this should be interesting! How many electronic gizmos can you put in a B9?  Darrell may just find out.

Dennis Wilbur's B9 Page
A great documentation page with lots of suggestions and resources and short movies.  
He has mechanical and electrical additions to his robot you will want to check out. Especially his arm mechanisms.

Dewey's B9
Dewey started the original B9 Club, this page shows his second B9.  

ELVIS' B-9 Robot Project
A great scratch builders bonanza of ideas and basic approach to building a B9.

Frederick Hodges - The Berkeley Robot Project
Lots of comparison & research pictures with his B9 project.

Greg Logue's robot construction and automation
"The Background, History, and Process of Building a Remarkable Project"

Gwen's G-Bot (B9) Construction
Lots of great progress pics and some mpegs.  Some aluminum parts you may not see elsewhere.
Great detailed pics, take some time to load if you're on dial up like me.  

Jim Cruff's B9 Page
Off to a great start, but I haven't seen updates lately.  

 Jerry Chevalier's B9 Blog
B9 extremely mechanical all the way.
Beautifully machined aluminum internal components, treadsection drive, bubble lifter and all. A must see.  Jerry keeps his machinist very busy.  (Be sure to checkout more of his pics on the Yahoo B9 group site too.)

John Rigg Project Book
A master model builder.  

 Lew's Cheap B9
Great shots of his B9 project completed at $700 less the bubble.
Nice torso construction consisting of wood, mat board and bondo.  
A must visit site for those crafty types on a tight budget.

 Mark's B9 Robot Resources
Here's where you can get the plans for the donut/waistplate
down to the treadsections for construction from wood and foam pipe insulation.

Michael Norton's B9
Pattern, dimensional & other info on the collar, radar, brain, chest panel, claws and neon mouth.

Mike Loewen's B9 Project
Great building info and progress shots, he even molded his own ear posts from a master he made, and shows you how.
Another detailed chronicle of the B9 parts and building process.  

Norm Sockwell's B9 Parts
Norm doesn't have a robot, but has built robot parts for club members in the past.

Phil Hamilton
Phil's was the first B9 I got to visit in the fiberglass/flesh!!
Site Temporarily out of commission.

 Robot Information Page by Michael Davis
This is a great source for many details about the B9 robot.

Rod's B9 Project Page
Tons of do it yourself items and tips and ideas and his building journal descriptions.
Details for the inventive sort not found elsewhere.

 The Magnetic Lock
Lots of building tips and hints. Home of the B9 Mon-Robot, by Dan Monroe.
You'll need a high speed connection for best viewing of this site.

Tom Wiz B9 Project
Building pics and parts sources for practical building if you like to make stuff.

Trent's Robot B-9 Project Index
Great building pics from another do-it-yourselfer-another torso building method from wood, etc
and a downloadable file of the robot background mechanical noise.

 Will Waters III's B9 Robot Project
Will has started from the top down, great combination of materials and techniques and electronics.  
Nice assembly techinques.
Great Brain construction, Ears, and From the neck up, Crown, and Electronics.  

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