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 Barry Fritz's Motorized B9 Robot Treadsection

Below is a series of mpgs of Barry Fritz's B9 motorized treadsection.  Barry has been working on his robot off and on for over 6 years.  He has taken a different approach to motorizing the treadsection as you will see in the video with the sidepanels removed.  He's done a great job in making his robot mobile.  

I apologize for the relatively poor quality, but I had no way to convert the video tape to digital other than playing it on my tv and reshooting it with my digital camera to create mpg files.
I had to break up the video into several files to keep the size down.  

This certainly shows that there is more than one way to motorize your robot's treadsection with a little creativity.  Barry's method eliminates all the problems associated with trying to motorize the treads themselves.  It also eliminates the skid steering problem and gives great control on carpet too.  This design is for flat surfaces, carpet or tile or whatever.

Built from old Quickie P-100 wheel chair components

Variable speed controller
(old wheelchair obtained for free-this is a P100 picture, not his actual old one)

Purchased: Two gel cell batteries & charger.

Full range of speed motor control.

His robot is now radio controlled.

1.5MB (4+ min download @ 56.6KB/sec)
Video of the robot entering the room and turning around.

446KB (79 sec download @ 56.6KB/sec)
The drive method exposed! Now you'll know how it's done. Nifty panel removal, no screws.

671KB (119 sec download @ 56.6KB/sec)
Drive exposed turning and moving around, on carpet to boot!
(I had to go to the reduced resolution to get it uploaded to my site on this lousy dial up connection!)