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Old Robot Arm Extend Mechanism

As you will see, this is all made from garage hardware box junk, it is pretty crude, but it works.  
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Used old heavy duty drawer slides, car power window motors, rope drive cable which provides slip clutch action on drive shaft to eliminate the need for end limit switches.

Extended out completely.

Retracted halfway in.
You can also see that I have the slide and extension motor all mounted on a platform hinged to the arm socket.  This allows an up and down motion for the arm.  There is a motor below which is attached to the slide by a bracket and chain.

Retracted all the way in.
Note the pulley on the end of the slide doesn't actually do anything.  The rope could terminate there, but I just used the pulley to wrap the rope around and ran it up to the claw where I could tie it off adjusting the tension as needed.  

Retracted all the way in, top view.

Extended half way out, top view.

Extended all the way out top view.

Arm fully extended to 15".  Including claw, 19".  Total extension of 8" beyond retracted position.

Arm retracted to 7", including claw 11".